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Hearth Break in the Hamptons

Hamptonites are warming to wood-burning stoves in droves

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In the constant tug-of-war between past and future ways of life, there’s the occasional comforting overlap—a trend that combines elements of nostalgia with components of groundbreaking practicality and design. Wood-burning stoves are catching on like wildfire—or should I say, domestic fire—in the Hamptons this year. According to William Brunner at Westbury Stove and Fireplace, the primary supplier of upscale fireplaces and stoves on Long Island, there’s been an uptick in demand for European-style wood stoves, with modern lines and glass doors. 

“They’re aesthetically pleasing and a great supplement to heating a house,” Brunner says. With a traditional fireplace, most of the warmth is lost to the chimney, but with a wood stove, more heat is generated due to longer burn times. Another little-known advantage to wood stoves is that their stainless steel pipes can provide a structural boon to architects when designing a home. “Wood stoves are an efficient, renewable and beautiful way to heat your home,” Brunner says. So come on, baby, light my fire.