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J.J. Martin

J. J. Martin’s Ode To Milan

The La DoubleJ-founder and designer shares a guide to her favorite things about her adopted home

After moving from Manhattan to Milan 20 years ago, with no job, no friends, and no patience for the Italian way of life, California-bred writer and editor J.J. Martin realized she had no option but to surrender to the vibrant but slow-paced lifestyle. In so doing, she discovered more joy (and success) than she could ever have imagined. In Mamma Milano (Vendome Press), Martin invites us to jump on board and join her on her journey—an outsider’s evolution through life, love, loss, creativity and magic—to today’s Milano.

"Mamma Milano" by J.J. Martin (Vendome Press)

“Mamma Milano” by J.J. Martin (Vendome Press)

LaDoubleJ is the maximalist, colorful lifestyle brand founded by Martin in 2015 selling tabletop, glassware, linens, fashion, clothing and accessories that deliver high-impact happiness. Dive into the delights of Italian fashion, food and good living; meet some of Italy’s leading female tastemakers (the “La DoubleJ Babes”); tap into Martin’s spiritual secrets for unleashing inner creativity and wisdom; and more—all with a dash of LaDoubleJ vintage chic and oodles of Italian style.

J.J. Martin

J.J. Martin