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The Most Beautiful Thing in the World: A Bejeweled Wood Table

With crystal and rare gemstones, a designer explores the healing properties of furniture

Don’t let the name of her company, Vibrational Furniture, fool you—it’s far more innocent than it sounds. Designer Danna Weiss’ bespoke collection of side tables, coffee tables, headboards and chandeliers are created to “elevate the energy and intention of a space” by incorporating crystal, metal and gemstones with healing properties. Weiss explains, “I travel the world sourcing rare cuts of wood, gemstones, crystals, and metals. I then bring the various elements together based on energetic and metaphysical properties. It’s an organic process. I see my vision, let it unfold and never force a piece to come into being. Each work is meant to serve an intended and positive purpose.”

We were particularly taken by her Moonlight Table (pictured right), which features “big leaf maple to elevate spiritual strength and will power, citrine to promote wealth, tiger’s eye for the energy of luck and organization, moonstones to balance the emotions, and so on.” Below, an array of beautiful pieces in the collection

The Peace Table


The Peace Table


The Starlight Table


The Starlight Table, up close


The Eye of the Universe Table


The Eye of the Universe Table, up close


The Fairy Table

All photographs by Tim Hogan



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