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Outfit Your Outdoors

For a line of neoteric furniture, form and function go hand in hand

Inspired by midcentury Danish design principles, the Ciel collection by RH, new this season, is as visually appealing as it is comfortable. Among the primary aims of its New York–based designer, Brad Ascalon, when creating the line, was to translate the feeling of modern, casual indoor living for chic, functional outdoor environments.

“The purposeful tensions between both the hard and soft detailing, and an attentive control of the negative and positive space of each piece, bring the collection in a direction that is rarely found in outdoor teak furniture,” explains Ascalon of Ciel, which comes in two finishes—weathered and natural—and can be accessorized with cushions covered in one of 220 fabrics.

Ciel lounge chair, $1,195, RH, rh.com.

The pieces—comprising sofas, lounge chairs, chaises and tables of various sizes—stand out for their understated, low-slung profiles and clean, rounded edges. Not only an excellent option for private collectors looking to outfit their patios and poolside decks, the range is equally suitable for hospitality environments.

“It reflects a midcentury modern aesthetic as a point of departure,” Ascalon says. “We continuously investigated where we can incorporate more contemporary detailing to make Ciel feel refreshingly relevant to today’s customer—pushing it further in this way gives it a life of its own.”