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Take in a Jonathan Franzen Work in Only 75 Minutes!

A play based on a Jonathan Franzen essay—the first staging of the author’s work ever—opens in New York

As anyone who’s cracked open The Corrections or Freedom knows, finishing one of Jonathan Franzen’s books takes a major investment of time. But beginning Oct. 21, there’ll be a brand-new addition to the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author’s oeuvre that people can digest in a mere 75 minutes. That’s when House For Sale, an experimental adaptation of a Franzen essay (from his 2006 collection The Discomfort Zone) written and directed by Daniel Fish, will have its world premiere in New York at The Duke on 42nd Street theater. (You can read the Franzen essay in its entirety here.) 

The show—the first staging of any of the author’s works—follows a man as he attempts to sell his family’s Missouri home after his mother dies. (Check out a video of Franzen discussing growning up in the Midwest, below.) For those of you Franzen fans still grieving that the planned HBO adaptation of The Corrections fell apart, here’s a chance to see his words brought to life. House for Sale runs through Nov. 18.