Take in a Jonathan Franzen Work in Only 75 Minutes!

by Natasha Wolff | October 19, 2012 12:00 am

As anyone who’s cracked open The Corrections or Freedom knows, finishing one of Jonathan Franzen’s books takes a major investment of time. But beginning Oct. 21, there’ll be a brand-new addition to the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author’s oeuvre that people can digest in a mere 75 minutes. That’s when House For Sale, an experimental adaptation of a Franzen essay (from his 2006 collection The Discomfort Zone) written and directed by Daniel Fish, will have its world premiere in New York at The Duke[1] on 42nd Street theater. (You can read the Franzen essay in its entirety here[2].) 

The show—the first staging of any of the author’s works—follows a man as he attempts to sell his family’s Missouri home after his mother dies. (Check out a video of Franzen discussing growning up in the Midwest, below.) For those of you Franzen fans still grieving that the planned HBO adaptation of The Corrections fell apart, here’s a chance to see his words brought to life. House for Sale runs through Nov. 18[3].

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