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Exclusive Premiere: “Scandalous” by Camille Trust

Watch the retro music video for this soulfully playful new track

Singer-songwriter Camille Trust’s vivacious personal and sonic style is reminiscent of past artists like Janis Joplin but she somehow manages to remain a creative force all her own. A native New Yorker, Trust exudes confidence and charm both on and off stage. Her bold stage presence lends itself flawlessly to her soulful music style, ensuring the shows are playful and bright.

Of the singer’s latest single, “Scandalous,” Trust admits, “This is a new era for Camille Trust since this is the first single from the new round of music for 2019.” She adds in her own quirky way, “Let’s get the kids ready and let’s start the year off right.” At the end of 2018, Trust decided she wanted to be a little more adventurous with her music, starting with “Scandalous” and the song’s accompanying video.

“This [song] was me exploring more of a funky approach, using more organic instruments and painting this picture of ultimate fun, good times,” Trust says of the flirty new single. The singer describes how women in today’s society aren’t always praised for being scandalous or playing with sexuality. “We are definitely feeling more liberated but there’s still that push and pull. I want to be a light for that or be the voice just being like, listen ladies it’s okay to feel you’re sexy,” she says of the song’s meaning.

For the single’s video, Trust enlisted an all-female cast (and a male saxophone player) to star alongside her, dripping in retro garb. Think, Glow and “Rich Man’s Frug” by Bob Fosse, which served as Trust’s initial inspiration. From the choreography to the dancers to the overall aesthetic, Trust had a hand in nearly every facet of the production of this video, making it a beautifully collaborative effort with Trust’s identity at the forefront.

“Scandalous” offers a youthful vibe that is accented by the strength in Trust’s vocals, and the video perfectly portrays that balance. Watch the official video for “Scandalous” below.

Main photo credit: Mériem Dehbi-Talbot
Director: Dylan Perlot
Stylist: Dina Vibes
Choreography: Camille Trust & Ivy Ledon
Director of Photography (DP): Evan Carter 

“Scandalous” will be available on all streaming platforms at 12:00PM EST.