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Winter Expeditions and Adventures

Three ways to explore roads less traveled

1. Great Expeditions

In August, a fleet of fully loaded 2014 Range Rovers traveled close to 1,000 miles of rocky trails and unpaved mountain passes along a portion of the original Great Divide route. The trek commemorated the 25th anniversary of the original off-road Land Rover Great Divide Drive and Tread Lightly!, a national nonprofit developed by the U.S. Forest Service to promote safe and responsible off-road driving. landrover.com

Carver Carbon Fat Bike

2. Pedal Power

While skis still dominate roof racks in Aspen, there is a new toy in town. The Fat Bike—a mountain-bike-style frame outfitted with four-inch-plus tires with unique treads and filled to a lower pressure—can maneuver on winter roads and trails, through snow and ice or on sand. Rent one from Ute City Cycles on Main Street and compete in the Fat Cycle Challenge during Aspen’s annual Wintersköl celebration in January.

Carver Carbon Fat Bike, $4,000, carverbikes.com

WayBack 96 skis

3. Mountain Must-Have 

K2 Skis has reinvented its backcountry collection. The BackSide touring series includes the WayBack for men and TalkBack for women. The skis are extremely light, thanks to a new Snophobic topsheet, and feature tapered tips and tails with centered grommets perfectly positioned for slapping on skins.

WayBack 96 skis, $840 (without bindings), k2skis.com