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David Chang goes bigger than ever at Majordomo Meat & Fish

With a popular Netflix series, an award-winning podcast and his new memoir Eat a Peach out in September, David Chang has become the food world’s king of all media. But he’s still very much a chef and restaurateur who’s committed to creating spectacles in Las Vegas.

Chang opened Majordomo Meat & Fish at The Venetian’s Palazzo tower last December, and he quickly followed it up by unveiling adjacent slider restaurant Moon Palace in January. Now he’s working to open another eatery in the back room of Majordomo Meat & Fish. He’ll be cooking with Korean flavors and Brazilian-style techniques for the back-room “meat house,” which will take advantage of the first churrasco grill he’s ever had.

“We’re playing around with different names and styles of service there,” says Chang, who’s been considering the possibility of a buffet.

Eat a Peach memoir

Vegas, where Chang also runs Momofuku at The Cosmopolitan, gives him the ability to try things he’s never done before. At The Palazzo, he has his first wok station, which Majordomo Meat & Fish is using to cook live king crab from his first crustacean tanks.

“The scale of everything is bigger and more celebratory,” Chang says. “More carts, live crustacean tanks—Vegas gives us so many opportunities that are hard to pull off anywhere else.”

Chang has seen many differences between Majordomo in L.A, which he opened in January 2018, and Majordomo in Vegas.

The exterior of Majordomo

“We’re always learning so much in Vegas,” he says. “We designed this to be celebratory, but this is on another level. In L.A., the whole-plate short rib is a big entree. In Vegas, people are ordering it as a mid-course between pastas and mains. That’s nuts. We sell about 25 of those a night.”

But while Vegas is often about extravagance unlike anywhere else, Moon Palace is an accessible alternative where you can get a slider and hot chips for less than $10. Life, as Chang knows well, is about balance. So, what can we expect to learn in his memoir?

“I put a lot of myself out there in my podcasts and interviews, but the book is quite personal, even for me,” he says. “The memoir covers a lot of ground, including stories from my upbringing, of the restaurants—including the opening of Majordomo L.A.—and the ups and downs in between.”