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RC Inc. Offers One-of-a-Kind Lifestyle Management

The company is responsible for the Versace-branded cake at Donatella Versace’s birthday celebration at last year’s Met Gala

RC Inc. is a luxury lifestyle company focused on providing clients with the best of the best, including concierge, lifestyle management, event production, gifting, floral design, personal shopping, and holiday celebrations. Their services recently became available to the public, as it was originally just for celebrities, fashion houses, and billionaires.

We spoke to the Founder of RC Inc., Robert Cottone, who provided us with more information about the company he created. The inspiration that led to RC Inc.’s formation, said Cottone, came from his clients, some of whom he has known for 15 years. “As our relationship developed, they started coming to me for guidance,” added Cottone.

Clients have access to private chefs, interior designers, top floral companies, and more, at their fingertips. RC Inc. prides itself on being able to accomplish whatever their clients need, while being managed through one person, “someone who really knows you,” 24/7.

Founder of RC Inc., Robert Cottone

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it should be noted that traditional gifts, like a bottle of champagne, are no longer the norm. Clients provide RC Inc. with a list of items they are considering to gift their friends and family for the holidays, which is then curated by the lifestyle management company in order to select the gift(s) that would best suit each person. When it comes to the most unexpected requests RC Inc. has received, a pair of virtual reality glasses with a pre-recorded message for a client, a “glammed out” beauty basket, and a Swarovski-crystal embroidered breast pump all make the list.

“It is an absolute rarity that we say no to clients, no matter what it is,” Cottone shared. Even the Met Gala has used RC Inc.’s services. At last year’s gala, Donatella Versace celebrated her birthday with a Versace-branded cake provided by none other than RC Inc. And Lady Gaga has the Instagram photos to prove it.