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The Positive Vibes of Lauren Jauregui

The Fifth Harmony singer on her single with Steve Aoki and relishing in her new-found self-confidence

The ladies of Fifth Harmony are celebrated for being four equally boss women with varying backgrounds, styles and personalities. From their debut single in 2016, “Miss Movin’ On” to their most recent banger with Pitbull titled “Por Favor,” the starlets are unstoppable chart-toppers.

Between touring, collaborating and surprising Sam Smith in his Carpool Karaoke episode, you’d think the multi-platinum powerhouse group had no time for side projects. Think again. All four members–Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei and Lauren Jauregui–can be seen creating music and art on their own as well as together.

Jauregui in particular recently released a song “All Night” with Steve Aoki following her collab with Halsey that fans cannot get enough of.

“All I want to do in life is make people happy. I’m just so grateful,” Jauregui humbly gushes over the wild success of “All Night.” The song soared to Number 1 on iTunes’ Dance chart in several countries and became the top-selling new release on iTunes’ overall chart. Despite her huge successes with Fifth Harmony, being able to put herself out there without her girls didn’t come so easy at first.

“As a woman in this industry, I was at a place where I didn’t believe in myself,” she admits. “But, I’ve come a long way with my self-confidence in terms of music and art. I’m pushing myself to get out of that mental space and just, put myself into situations.”

When you imagine Jauregui on stage performing to hundreds of thousands of people, belting out some of the music industry’s top songs, I doubt you’re seeing her as a human being with insecurities and vulnerabilities. But, as a 20-year-old, she is exactly that. She tells me that sometimes she has to give herself pep talks before going into new situations saying, “Alright Lauren, just do it. You know the universe is giving you this opportunity, just do it. What’s the worst that can happen? You grow.”

Following the announcement of the 2018 Grammy nominees, Jauregui flooded her Twitter with congratulatory tweets and support for all of her fellow artists. “I’m just so happy for these women that are nominated. I listen to their music and I know that the messages in these songs are important,” she explains. “We are really shifting the climate of what art means to society and culture, you know?” Her excitement is palpable through the phone and I’m not surprised when I look down and see goosebumps on my arm from her inclusive passion and female-centric support. In today’s media landscape it is refreshing to see so many strong, talented women receive Grammy noms including SZA, Kesha, Julia Michaels and Lorde. I’m curious though, is Jauregui a unique case with her positive vibes or have other artists taken that cue as well? With that, Jauregui inspires me once again with her badass words that somehow feel like a page from a motivational book but with a spunky Miami twist to it.

“I’ve learned that this world is full of jealousy, hatred and insecurity. No matter what anybody else does, you can only do what is good for you,” she says, adding that she has her own path, talent and gift that might be different from yours or mine. “I’m going to get real with you,” she says. “I feel like the American dream is essentially about getting things for yourself and yeah, you can. But, when you support other people also trying to get it for them, we can all win and it can be great.” The phone disconnects right after Jauregui quickly suggests that if everyone is happy and doing what they love, everyone will be rewarded.

At the time, the poetic songstress was on her way to rehearsal before her epic performance with Halsey at Jingle Ball Los Angeles.With her new-found confidence and sultry sound, Jauregui shows no signs of stopping her solo side projects but Harmonizers can rest easy because Fifth Harmony has just added all new international tour dates in 2018 to promote their third, self-titled album.