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Work Out, Brooklyn

These 3 new exercise destinations have one thing in common: Williamsburg

All of a sudden, Williamsburg—Brooklyn’s hip, edgy neighborhood—is flooded with fitness options for the yoga enthusiast, the Pilates prone and even cycling addicts. Check out a class at one of these new studios and cool off after with a greens juice or chia pudding at Juice Press, now open at 144 North 8th Street. Or check out the Smorgasburg market on Saturday and grab nachos from El Gato Nacho, uni ramen at Yuji Ramen or a spicy ginger slushie from Kelvin Natural Slush Co.

Brooklyn Body Burn
32 North 6th Street

Former ballet dancer Tracy Carlinsky fell hard for L.A.’s hottest workout, the Lagree Fitness Method, while living out West, so she couldn’t move back to her native New York without bringing a piece back with her. She set up shop earlier this year in a cool, exposed-brick, industrial-style space located at The Edge apartment building on the waterfront. Her intimate MegaFormer classes—like a super-charged Pilates—offer a heart-pumping, muscle-building, full-body conditioning workout that will leave you limping for days. As Carlinsky explains: “All muscle groups are worked to exhaustion so you’re constantly pushing your body past its comfort zone. This keeps your heart rate up and allows you to burn calories and build strength faster without putting stress on the joints and connective tissues.”
($33 per 50-minute class)

Soul Cycle
196 Kent Avenue

Devotees of this calorie-torching indoor spin class (a group including Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and Chelsea Clinton) are thrilled to finally have an outer-borough outpost for their cycling cravings. Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler founded the company in 2006 after not being able to find a good form of cardio in the city. “We were waiting for the perfect location in Brooklyn and we’ve found it,” says Cutler. “Adjacent to Smorgasburg, several amazing residential buildings and up against the Brooklyn waterfront, what could be better?” Look for favorite instructors like Lauren, Parker and Jason to make the move East to the brand’s seventh NYC location. ($34 per 45-minute class)

133 South 2nd Street

This North Carolina-based yoga-cycling hybrid studio combines two great workouts under one chic roof. The dance-based cycling class differentiates their workout from the competition because riders are out of their seats for the whole class and no weights are used. The yoga classes, taught by several Yogaworks-trained instructors, are Vinyasa flow-based with a focus on alignment. “The company was founded by a group of cyclists who organically gravitated toward the practice of yoga to complement the physical demands of biking,” explains co-owner Ashley Lively. “We want to make you sweat and forget that you are exercising” ($25 per day pass)