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A New York City team brings indoor cycling to downtown Austin

On a recent weekend trip to Austin, Texas, I ate and drank myself silly. While there I happily discovered new indoor cycling studio Ride in downtown Austin. Outfitted with state-of-the-art Schwinn AC Performance bikes and led by master instructor David Garza, the calorie-blasting, music-thumping, 45-minute classes ($22 per session) offer locals an intense workout. The intimate 36-bike studio boasts 15-foot-high ceilings and lighting inspired by installation artist Dan Flavin. I took three classes, two with Garza and one with another instructor, Carianne, and as a devout SoulCycle and Flywheel client, I have to say I was impressed with their rockin’ playlists and high-energy attitudes.

DuJour spoke with the owners, husband and wife Tim and Kim Dowling and David Garza, about their new venture and the fitness landscape in Austin.

How did you decide to open Ride in Austin?
We moved here from New York City and wanted to bring indoor cycling to Austin. Kim missed the workout and the community terribly.

Why indoor cycling?
Indoor cycling is the most effective, efficient and fun workout we know. After a great Ride class, you want everyone you know and love to do it with you. There is no other class that combines music, movement and meaning in the same way.

Why did you choose this location?
Downtown Austin appealed to us right away. It’s dynamic, sexy and fun. We wanted to be part of downtown and knew our clients would too.

How did you become addicted to the workout?
Kim was an early adopter in New York. Kim, like nearly everyone who rides regularly, lost weight, but the workout also provided mental floss: the combination of great music and completing a complex routine (cardio with arm weights) in synchronization with other riders is better than therapy.

How did you find such good instructors?
Every one of our instructors is a well-established group fitness instructor plus they all buy into the workout. Caprice Richards, one of our most popular instructors explained it best when she joined us: “This is the workout I’ve dreamed of teaching.” We know our instructors are what make the experience special—they are our stars.

How has the response to the classes been?
Prior to opening, when we were training every day with three bikes in our basement, we knew we were doing something good. But we never dreamed that we would get such an enthusiastic response. David Garza, our partner and lead instructor, sells out multiple times each week. Clients have told us the experience has been life-changing. Austinites know how to work hard and have fun and the city is growing quickly, so our community is full of people with very busy lives.

Ride Indoor Cycling
117 Lavaca Street