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Power Trip to Kiehl’s

The skincare brand’s New York flagship serves up a skin-saving collab with Marvel Comics

A visit to the East Village flagship store of skincare stalwart Kiehl’s is always an excellent opportunity to check out the fresh-faced people who clamor for the brand. But recently, an unexpected face appeared at the 162-year-old Third Avenue boutique: Captain America.

The red, white and blue Marvel superhero is the star of a just-released, limited-edition comic book whose action takes place in the store. The 12-page graphic novel, complimentary with any purchase at the shop, is being released in conjunction with Kiehl’s new Facial Fuel “Heavy Lifting,” a firming, lifting, anti-wrinkle moisturizer for men.

“As an all-American company, we felt an immediate connection to Marvel’s Captain America, who embodies the same type of community spirit that we are proud of at Kiehl’s,” Chris Salgardo, President of Kiehl’s USA, says. “The comic’s story is set in our original East Village flagship, weaving in characters from Kiehl’s apothecary past. Captain America must protect a precious item hidden in the Kiehl’s basement: the original Super Soldier Serum, which is the potion that transforms Steve Rodgers into Captain America.”

And Super Soldier Serum might not be the only thing Captain America needs from the Kiehl’s shop. In fact, there are products on hand that might be of use to any number of comic heroes.

“Superheroes may be indestructible, but their skin certainly takes a beating,” Salgardo says. “Just as we would with our regular customers, Kiehl’s would love the opportunity to match each hero with the appropriate skin care formulas to suit his or her particular crime-fighting lifestyle!”