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Tress Relief For Summer Hair

Combat the heat with a natural Keratin treatment that smooths and strengthens curls… at the same time

In recent years, the term “Keratin treatment” has been met with much skepticism: Will it give me cancer? Will it burn my scalp? Will it break off my ends? As some Keratin treatments use harsh chemicals, these questions really aren’t off base. However, we’ve found a gentler, more organic solution that works perfectly when fighting the summer swelter.

Keratin Complex is a system that aims to dispel the destructive rumors surrounding this hair straightening and de-frizzing treatment. According to John Sahag Salon’s Director of Color Doug Macintosh, “it repairs the hair and this will stop it from breaking off.” The treatment also, “doesn’t permanently change the structure of the hair like a relaxer, or the Japanese straightener, or a perm, there are no intense chemicals used.” In essence, the regular treatment goes onto the hair as a coating, bonding organically to the molecules in the strands, and generally lasts four to six months. The only place you have to be careful, says Macintosh, is when you go swimming in the pool or ocean. “Be sure to wet your hair with tap water before, as the hair acts as a sponge, so it will keep most of the salt and chlorine away from the coating if there is clean water there before.”

And if the nonchemical, natural ingredients aren’t enough to reel in the most cautious Keratin skeptics, Macintosh also points to a glowing review by one of his favorite clients. According to him, “she went away to a spa with a group of friends who all have, as she puts it, ‘Jewish frizzy hair,’ and they all went into the steam room after she had just had the treatment done. She went in, sat in the steam for a while and when all the ladies walked out they were totally amazed that her hair was still silky and straight.” He added, “a week later, I had a waitlist of women wanting to sit in my chair.”

The Keratin Complex treatment and products (pictured above) are all available at the John Sahag Salon, 425 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, (212) 750-7772