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The World’s Most Elegant Gym Equipment

Dumbbells, jump ropes and workout bands just got a seriously stylish upgrade

Nobody looks their best when hoisting a purple plastic-covered dumbbell while drenched in sweat. That’s a fairly universal fact, but there’s hope on the horizon for gym-goers looking to up the cool factor of their gear. The Guerlain Spa just took a step in a very chic direction by outfitting their fitness spaces with artisan-crafted exercise equipment by Hock. 

Ropa expander

Ropa expander

The dumbells are made up of grade 303 non-reactive stainless steel and sustainably grown walnut wood, the handheld Robusto weights come in both walnut wood and Italian leather and the push-up bars have ergonomically-shaped handles with oiled walnut grips. They’re almost too luxurious to use. Almost.

So how do you get your hands on the ultra-luxe equipment? Try it out at the Guerlain Spa in New York City or simply be a guest in the Towers of the Waldorf Astoria where you can request a Hock in-room workout kit. If you love them when you’re at Guerlain, the staff is able to facilitate a personal purchase, or you can grab a weight or ten at hock.com.

Loft dumbells

Loft dumbells

If that’s not motivation enough to get to the gym, we don’t know what is.



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