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A Celebrity Dentist’s Wise Words of Wisdom

Dr. Michael Apa helps A-listers get sparkling smiles

If you’ve ever wondered how best to achieve impeccably white teeth, you’re in luck. DuJour has recruited cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Apa—whose patient roster includes the likes of Lea Michele, Dree Hemingway and Chloë Sevigny—to myth-bust teeth whitening tricks and share information about his celebrity-approved oral care and beauty products line. Dubbed Apa Beauty, the newly launched collection includes an at-home teeth whitening kit, tooth and lip gloss and a lip loofah that’ll enhance your teeth (and smile) in no time flat.

Read on to find Dr. Apa’s expert tips on how to properly maintain those pearly whites.

How do celebrities keep their teeth so perfect?

Most of Hollywood has veneers. They’re very popular!

Are they safe?

If done by the right practitioner, yes, they’re very safe. The horror stories you may hear are from botched jobs.

At-home teeth whitening kits, do they work?

Of course they do. Check out the new Apa White Duo. It’s the closest experience to a professional whitening kit sold over-the-counter. It comes with a bleach dispenser and bleaching films that really mold to the teeth for the best results.

The Dr. Apa beauty line

Whitening causes tooth sensitivity—true or false?

It depends on the patient. Check the label; if you’re using hydrogen peroxide as an active bleaching ingredient, it tends to give more sensitivity. Try a whitener with carbamide peroxide.

How often should you whiten?

Every 3-6 months depending on your social habits.

What’s the best lip color to use to portray whiter teeth?

Reds work well. If color is not your thing, try the Apa Blue Lip Shine. It goes on clear and has blue crystals in it that throw light onto your teeth making them appear whiter.

Electric toothbrush or manual?

Electric, no doubt.

What are your top tips for achieving a whiter smile?

Visit a dentist, make sure your teeth are healthy and find out if you’re a candidate for bleaching or veneers. Always use an electric toothbrush and choose the right toothpaste. Maintenance is key.