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Escape to This Boutique Hair Salon

Adel Atelier is the luxury hair salon from Adel Chabbi, celebrity stylist to Coco Rocha, Alicia Silverstone and more

There’s a comfortable feeling you get when you return home to a place you love. Sometimes it happens when you’ve gone too long without seeing your best friend or your sister or brother. But, when you reconnect, you feel like no time has passed.

When you enter the chic and sophisticated Adel Atelier hair salon in between 2nd and 3rd avenue in New York City, there’s that same welcoming feeling. The wide window perfectly frames a single styling chair and the white décor implies a serene energy. Contrastingly, the energy of the stylists and colorists is buzzing. Adel Chabbi, the founder of the salon, is boisterous and excited, probably because his newly opened salon was just named Best Salon in New York City by Time Out Magazine 2018.

Since working at distinguished salons such as Frédéric Fekkai, Louis Licari and Pierre Michel, Chabbi has developed his own personal style using unique techniques special to him. With a client roster including Courtney Love, Martha Stewart and Alicia Silverstone, Chabbi is well versed in styling celebrity tresses, along with his personal client list.

Working side by side with Chabbi at Adel Atelier is celebrity colorist, Kathy Galotti. Galotti joined the team in Spring 2018 and has been known as New York City’s go-to colorist for stars such as Emmy Rossum, Francis McDermott and Cynthia Nixon. After 28 years working as the Color Director for Louis Licari, Galotti has a keen eye for developing natural looking color. During my appointment, Galotti appeared so calm and relaxed, almost as if she were on autopilot with foils in-hand while preparing my new hair color. In actuality, her confident precision and execution simply comes from her years of experience.

My color was completed and Chabbi was ready to cut my locks after less than an hour and a half yet. With hair down my back, I’m accustomed to getting comfortable at a salon for up to three hours during an appointment, so this timeline was a welcomed surprise.

With a blow drier in-hand, Chabbi tells me that he doesn’t always cut hair dry but sometimes it’s the better option. You can see more detail within the strands, and you can ensure you’re giving the best cut. For my hair, he decides to cut dry. I stand up and it actually felt like Edward Scissorhands standing in front of me as delicate wisps went flying to the ground. He suggests that getting your hair “layered” does not always mean your hair will appear thicker or more voluminous. “You’re cutting off hair when you layer. Once you cut it off, it’s gone and you have less hair,” he says matter-of-factly, with a chuckle following his obvious notion.

An inch or so shorter, my hair felt healthy and thick and the color was a dream. I imagine a haircut like mine was simple for a master like Chabbi, but it felt as though there was nothing he’d rather be doing. As for Kathy, there was a smile across her face when she saw me glowing in front of the mirror at the end of my appointment.

With a calming atmosphere filled with positively talented people, Adel Atelier is located somewhat off the beaten path of high-end hair salons, and that’s what makes it special. You won’t be lost in the chaos of shoppers on Fifth Avenue, and you’ll still be a few short minutes from the subway station. Stop in to Adel Atelier and it will quickly become a place you’ll love to return to.