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Fall's Most Buzz-Worthy TV Shows

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Miss Mystery

Quantico's Priyanka Chopra on the perils of playing a double-crossed spy


Diego Boneta May Be Playing a Nerd or a Serial Killer

What it's like to star in one of the scariest shows on primetime television


A Classic Superhero Tale Gets a Modern Makeover

Move over, Clark—according to Supergirl star David Harewood, the world is ready for a female to take flight


Luckily for, Well, Everyone, Tom Selleck Is Back in a Big Way

The ninth installment of Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise is full of surprises


An Explosive Series to Watch Now

According to actor Jesse Lee Soffer, the Chicago P.D. crew shoots with live ammo


'Empire' Strikes Back

Kaitlin Doubleday on filming the second season


Rachel Skarsten on Her Recent Royal Transformation

The actress takes on the role of Queen Elizabeth I on the CW's Reign


TV's New Favorite Bad Boy

Blood & Oil's Scott Michael Foster comes clean