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Kasey Caminiti

Web Producer


Kasey Caminiti is the Web Producer at DuJour. Before DuJour she was a copywriter and web producer at a travel company, an intern at Nickelodeon and at Cumulus Broadcasting. A self-proclaimed music junkie, she enjoys festivals and concerts on the weekends or snuggling with her Boston Terrier, Rufio. Follow her on Instagram at @aseykay.

Recent Work
  • Meet a Musician From a Family of Indie Darlings

    Meet a Musician From a Family of Indie Darlings

    FINNEAS, brother of badass singer Billie Eilish, opts for carefully crafted sounds on his new single "Heaven"

    As a solo artist, Finneas O’Connell (stylized as FINNEAS) delivers a delicate lyricism and minimalistic production style. Similar to his music, the young artist's background is humble and bohemian; he was born into a creative family who took pride in fostering an artistic household rather than a lavish lifestyle. “I ... More

  • Lucy Liu Gets Passionate With LIFEWTR

    Lucy Liu Gets Passionate With LIFEWTR

    The mother, actress and activist is working to #BringArtBackToSchools and keep creativity flowing in education

    Remember, back in elementary school, when you could sit down with your paintbrushes and markers and be as artistic as you liked, judgement free? If you attended elementary school in the last 10 years, you might not. Since 2008, 80% of school districts in the United States have reportedly made ... More

  • Bathrooms With Spectacular Views

    Bathrooms With Spectacular Views

    The perfect excuse to soak in the tub for a little longer


  • Top Gym Bag Essentials

    Top Gym Bag Essentials

    Shop these must-have products we love to use before, after and during a workout


  • Drink DuJour: Purple Tuxedo

    Drink DuJour: Purple Tuxedo

    An opulent take on the classic tuxedo cocktail will transport you to a different era

    Located on the 26th floor of New York City's Beekman Tower, Ophelia is an enchanting cocktail lounge that is sure to cast a spell on you. Taking a cue from its namesake, the suggestive and shape-shifting heroine from Hamlet, Ophelia blends breathtaking panoramic views of modern-day New York City with the nostalgic details ... More

  • Exclusive Launch: Giorgio Armani D’Artiste Sunglasses

    Exclusive Launch: Giorgio Armani D’Artiste Sunglasses

    Straight off the Giorgio Armani SS18 runway, these shades combine creativity with elegance

    Luxury fashion designer Giorgio Armani revealed the newest pair of shades for Spring/Summer 2018. Inspired by an artistic and creative spirit, the Giorgio Armani D'Artiste sunglasses were debuted on the runway and brought an immediate flair to the women's fashion show. The feminine frames offer a coveted balance between elegance ... More

  • Sound Bite: Matt and Kim, AJR and NONONO

    Sound Bite: Matt and Kim, AJR and NONONO

    Jam out to these top new releases and you're sure to get amped for spring

    Now that spring is peeking its head out from under the blanket that is winter, we’re getting into the spirit, vibing to some sweeter, more upbeat tracks from Matt and Kim, NONONO, Frank Turner and more. Our ear candy for the week will put a spring—and a maybe a little ... More

  • Song Premiere: “Yarrow” by Kim Anderson

    Song Premiere: “Yarrow” by Kim Anderson

    Listen to über-talented artist Kim Anderson’s titular track off her upcoming debut album

    With her heart in jazz music and her head in formal composition, Kim Anderson has a range of sonic influences. The composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist grew up in New York City before attending the New England Conservatory in Boston, where she studied music composition. But her education didn't end there; ... More

  • Discover Lissie’s Next Musical Chapter

    Discover Lissie’s Next Musical Chapter

    This lyrical songstress learns to accept–and laugh at–her romantic patterns on her new album Castles

    On a recent call ahead of her new album’s release, singer Lissie is in Illinois for her niece’s seventh birthday party. After having cake and hanging out with family members, she explains, she’ll jet off to London to launch the album before embarking on a European tour. When I remark ... More

  • Meet the G-Eazy Opener Who Takes After John Mayer

    Meet the G-Eazy Opener Who Takes After John Mayer

    How Anthony Russo went from a typical high schooler to supporting G-Eazy on tour

    As the fresh-faced supporting act on G-Eazy's ongoing Beautiful & Damned tour, singer Anthony Russo is getting his first taste of stardom. With his clean-cut, swanky image, Russo's confidence oozes even on the phone. “Let’s throw gasoline on everything behind us, light a match and keep walking forward. There was no ... More