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Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is Toasting to The Summer

Priyanka Chopra Jonas reflects on the last year and shares what she’s looking forward to in 2021

“I want the world to be back to normal. But I think we can never be normal. This time has changed our generation and we’re not over it yet,” Priyanka Chopra Jonas says of the global pandemic. “In India and a lot of other countries around the world, it’s really, really a critical stage.” In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in India, Chopra Jonas and husband Nick Jonas recently helped raise $1 million to support her home country fight the crisis.

“I’ve started prioritizing my life and my me time outside of my work time a lot more than I used to,” she says of how she’s changed over the last year in quarantine. “I feel very grateful for being healthy and for my family to be healthy, and I want to appreciate that more. I don’t want to constantly be on calls. I don’t want to be working all the time. I’m someone who’s very driven and very ambitious. But I want to find a balance. I make sure my work ends before dinner so I can have dinner with my family. Even if I’m alone, I make sure I finish at a particular time so I have time to decompress.”

From her recently published memoir titled Unfinished to her starring role in the upcoming film Text for You, Chopra Jonas clearly makes the most of her work day, including adding a new title to her resume as spiked seltzer brand BON V!V’s creative advisor.

“I’ve started prioritizing my life and my me time outside of my work time a lot more than I used to.”

Chopra Jonas teamed up with BON V!V to help create the newest flavor, Raspberry Dragonfruit. The newly minted creative advisor admits that spiked seltzer is a relatively new discovery for her but there is no turning back. “I love bubbles but sometimes when you’re at Sunday brunch and the rosé comes out, after a little bit, it just feels heavy,” she says. “Spiked seltzer, when done right, the way we’re doing it, is such a light, great way of being able to be naughty.”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and BON V!V's Raspberry Dragonfruit spiked seltzer

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and BON V!V’s Raspberry Dragonfruit spiked seltzer

BON V!V offers flavorful gluten-free spiked seltzer with zero sugar and just 90 calories. As Chopra Jonas says, “there’s no guilt!” As co-creator of the new Raspberry Dragonfruit flavor, Chopra Jonas says she loved going through the taste tests and figuring out different flavor combinations that worked. “I’m a creative person so it was a very cool process and it gave me a lot of appreciation for flavors in general,” she says of the experience. “I’m a berry girl. What’s amazing about the Raspberry Dragonfruit is that it’s not an overwhelming flavor. It’s subtle enough to feel fun and exotic. Whether you drink it right out of a can with a straw or in a cocktail, it just works in every single way.” Her favorite cocktail? The BON V!V Candy Cane Crush made with tequila and Cranberry spiked seltzer. But, with summer approaching, she suggests skipping the candy cane garnish and opting for something more seasonal.

So, how does Priyanka Chopra Jonas feel about the summer season coming up? “I have a little bit of a bittersweet feeling about this summer,” she admits. “I want to be able to spend time with my family. I want to be able to maybe go to a restaurant. The little things that we took for granted. Concerts! I want to see my husband back on stage.”

While we might not be ready to dive back into restaurants and concerts just yet, we can always toast to the warm weather from our backyards. Drawing inspiration from Hulu’s The Great, Chopra Jonas has the perfect way to do that (with a spiked seltzer, of course). “Every time Nicholas Hoult‘s character had a drink, he would throw it on the ground and say, huzzah! So I did that for a very long time. Not throwing the glass on the ground but just the huzzah part,” she says laughing.

See below for Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ favorite BON V!V cocktail to mix at home. 

BON V!V Candy Cane Crush

1 oz Silver Tequila
1 oz pomegranate juice
1 can BON V!V Cranberry Spiked Seltzer
Optional: Mini candy cane, cranberry or rosemary garnish

Preparation: Fill glass with tequila, pomegranate juice, top with BON V!V Cranberry Spiked Seltzer and garnish with mini candy cane, cranberry or rosemary.