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Surf’s Up This Summer

Surfer Magazine: 1960-2020 makes waves with its showcase of surf subculture and icons like Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton

Between 1960 and 2020, the pages of Surfer magazine were ornamented with every aspect of surf culture, from must-have surf gear to profiles of surf legends. Founded by surfer, artist and filmmaker John Severson, Surfer was a trailblazer in the niche world of surf-focused publications, featuring travel content, surf spot profiles, big wave pictorials and interviews with top surfers.

Surfer magazine

After six decades in print, Grant Ellis has compiled a colorful anthology of the magazine’s most iconic covers, articles and more. Surfer Magazine: 1960-2020 (Rizzoli) includes a chronological progression of the magazine’s content from world-renowned photographers, writers and graphic designers. Surf stars like Miki Dora, Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton are all highlighted in the new compilation, further cementing Surfer as a leading voice in the water and celebrating the surf subculture.