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A Cut Above

Discover Wempe’s own exclusive diamond-cut called the WEMPE-Cut

Wempe is best known for carrying some of the world’s most prestigious luxury watch and jewelry brands—but a true jewelry connoisseur should learn that Wempe has its own special diamond-cut: aptly named the WEMPE-Cut. The development of the cut took two years, and has 137 facets—80 more than the classic brilliant cut. First, the diamonds are found in the mines of Botswana and certified by the Kimberley Process before journeying to Bangkok, where a team of diamond cutters are based exclusively for the WEMPE-Cut.

The aptly titled WEMPE-cut diamond

The aptly titled WEMPE-cut diamond

The stones are then sent to Belgium, where the diamonds are certified by one of the leading international diamond institutes, Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) in Antwerp. The WEMPE-Cut diamond is now available set in the brand’s exclusive jewelry line, Splendora BY KIM.