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New Brew on Madison

See why Nespresso’s new high-tech coffee boutique on the Upper East Side is totally unique

Nespresso has opened its doors on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The new location isn’t your average boutique,—it’s more of an upscale coffee shop-meets-tech store. Upon entering, coffee specialists greet you with a carefully selected tasting. Next, move on to a side-by-side tasting, where you can compare the aromatic profiles of two coffees, or venture to the lower level’s Lab Kitchen, where an expert can help you elevate your coffee creations with tutorials in latte making. If you really want to take your coffee knowledge to the next level, sign up for a Masterclass in the Lab Kitchen, where an expert will take you through a guided lesson in coffee development, brewing and tasting. The sleek store features a massive wall of greenery and places a major focus on sustainability. The design includes sustainably-designed materials, such as wood sourced from Nespresso reforestation programs on coffee farms or tabletops made from used coffee grounds found at Nespresso’s Swiss factory. The store also showcases one-of-a-kind artworks by contemporary artists made completely from recycled Nespresso aluminum.