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RIMOWA Opens New Flagship in Paris

The brand finished Paris Fashion Week with a grand opening

To top off Paris Fashion Week, RIMOWA hosted a gala on March 6 for the grand opening of its new flagship store in Paris. Located at 73, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré – just across the street from Hotel Bristol – it’s the largest RIMOWA store in the world with five stories, including an exhibition space and projection room.

RIMOWA flagship store in Paris

RIMOWA’s newly appointed CEO Alexandre Arnault and Dieter Morszeck hosted the gala at the 6,500 square-foot store, inviting guests like Karl Lagerfeld, Bella Hadid, Caroline Vreeland and Virgil Abloh. Among mingling and celebrating, guests also had the opportunity to view RIMOWA’s newest collection, “Defense d’afficher.” The line, available only at the Colette Concept Store, was designed exclusively by M/M.

Alexandre Arnault, Karl Lagerfeld, Dieter Morszeck

The store’s modern, high-tech atmosphere compliments the high-quality design of RIMOWA’s products. The signature grooved shells are what make RIMOWA’s suitcases so unique. Even 115 years after its conception, the company holds high standards when it comes to materials. Whether its aluminum or polycarbonate, RIMOWA’s suitcases are strong, easy to maneuver, lightweight and will ensure an excellent travel experience.

Defense d’afficher

The newest collection includes all of RIMOWA’s unique features, including its high-tech material and advanced handle for easy steering. Atop RIMOWA’s traditional aluminum casing is green and brown detailing inspired by the French capital. The green and brown stamps resemble the tags that now cover so many clients’ well-traveled RIMOWA suitcases. The number 73 is also featured on this piece as an ode to the new flagship store’s address. RIMOWA will sell 50 pieces of the Defense d’afficher exclusively at Colette.