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Reebok’s Latest Campaign Amplifies Powerful Women

Inspired by their 2001 campaign, Reebok showcases females defying gender norms in their “It’s A Man’s World” campaign

From fashion to music to art, there are countless influential women rewriting the stereotypical narratives within creative landscapes by paving their own paths. Reebok launched a campaign in 2001 called “It’s A Woman’s World” that featured a number of female powerhouses challenging cultural and gender stereotypes. Nearly 20 years later, the footwear and lifestyle brand is revisiting that campaign’s initiatives and putting a spotlight on female empowerment once again, because, it is still important.

It’s A Man’s World” showcases five incredibly inspirational women who are forging their legacies within typically male-dominated industries. As part of the campaign, Reebok will launch a collection of three cult-classics: a Club C, Workout and Freestyle Hi, plus two t-shirts. With discreet nods to the 2001 campaign, “It’s A Man’s World” embodies the power of self-expression and creativity within personal style as well as beyond. Reebok will launch five collaborative sneakers in partnership with each of the women featured in the campaign. Each sneak will personify the woman’s personality and style.

Reebok's "It's A Man's World" Campaign

Reebok’s “It’s A Man’s World” Campaign

The five women and their sneaker collaborations with Reebok in partnership with the “It’s A Man’s World” campaign are as follows:

1. Jazerai Allen-Lord is a vibrant streetwear designer and prominent activist. Allen-Lord will drop her Allen-Lord’s Club C sneakers with Reebok on September 1. Of partnering with Reebok, Allen-Lord says, “It has to start on the inside. A brand has to make a decision like Reebok did, to say we’re going to recognize the people on the ground doing the work. We’re going to be disruptive, and we don’t care.”

Jazerai Allen-Lord’s Club C

Jazerai Allen-Lord’s Club C

2. Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde is a superstar record producer who has worked with some of the country’s most prominent artists (Jay-Z, Travis Scott) in music since a ripe age of 15. Oshunrinde has been breaking boundaries since her start in music, and will only continue making strides towards gender equality by teaming up with Reebok.

3. Anhia Zaira Santana has made a name for herself as a stellar visual artist and illustrator, celebrated for her live painting exhibitions and trippy interpretations of subjects in pop culture. This creative mogul’s collaboration with Reebok will most certainly be powerful.

4. Kimberly Drew is a writer, art activist, and cultural curator who created Black Contemporary Art, a successful blog that prominently features work by black artists across the globe. Drew’s Reebok Freestyle Hi sneakers will reflect the different iterations of feminist movements.

5. Sanne Poeze is the Amsterdam-based owner of sneaker blog Girl on Kicks. Poeze is a passionate graphic designer and her message through her Daytona DMX sneakers with Reebok is meant to encourage girls to feel unapologetic about being female.

The five collaborative releases will include styles such as the Club C, 90s Aztrek runner, retro Freestyle Hi, futuristic Instapump Fury, and Daytona DMX silhouettes. The “It’s A Man’s World” collection will be available at reebok.com/IAMW and select retailers worldwide on September 1. The first collaborative drop, Jazerai Allen-Lord’s Club C, will also be available September 1 exclusively at reebok.com, in an inclusive men’s and women’s size range.