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Hublot’s Newest Ambassador is Samuel Ross

The luxury watchmaker is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a conceptual art piece created by the British artist and designer

From stellar tattoo artists with a longstanding history in the watchmaking world to legendary baseball stars and influential artists, Hublot has a flare for teaming up with visionaries. The luxury watchmaker has collaborated with creatives from all avenues including fashion, sports, music, and art. Each collaboration has highlighted what makes an individual special as well as showcasing the beauty of Hublot timepieces. The brand is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and in honor of the big 4-0, they named 29-year-old British fashion and industrial designer and 2019 winner of the Hublot Design Prize, Samuel Ross, as their newest ambassador.

Ross was discovered by revolutionary fashion designer Virgil Abloh and got his stylish feet wet at Off White and DONDA. Since then, Ross launched his own menswear line called, A-COLD-WALL*. His brand has expanded to include furniture and art installations designed by Ross showcasing his range of talents and exactly why he is the perfect new addition to the Hublot family.

To pay homage to Hublot’s history, Ross created a unique offering for the brand–a sculpture that combines granite and steel metal crafted by man. The joining of these materials is meant to represent the origins of Hublot’s Fusion watch and how only through innovation can the most organic and industrial materials lead to new concepts.

Samuel Ross x Hublot

Samuel Ross x Hublot

“Hublot symbolizes daring innovation, the fusion of time between tradition and innovation, and the endless capacity to invent and reinvent materials. Our collaboration reflects how we create and make decisions: quickly, efficiently and precisely. My sculpture tells the story of Hublot using simple, clean lines, with a monochrome palette of hues, a touch of vivid color, and a play on oversized dimensions,” Ross says of his newest work.

We can expect to see more creative endeavors from Hublot‘s newest ambassador in the near future, including furniture and flagship store interiors.