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Buying and Collecting Gorgeous Jewelry

Rare pieces to add to your (growing) collection of fancy baubles

Is fine jewelry a staple in your wardrobe? If so, read on. From a $100 million brooch to rare, one-of-a-kind vintage gems, DuJour has compiled a must-see selection of exquisite jewels. Below, feast your eyes on bold statement baubles that will add some sparkle to your next outfit—plus, read expert tips on collecting and organizing dazzling diamonds, rubies, emeralds and more. 

The Prettiest Pastel Jewelry
Feast your eyes on this colorful selection of beautiful baubles.

Gorgeous Gems And Jewels
The very best from Baselworld 2015. 

How to Organize Your Jewelry Collection
Decluttering king Justin Klosky, Founder and Creative Director of the O.C.D. Experience, shares his expertise.

The Most Incredible Baubles Ever
Go undercover—but not unnoticed—in the season’s most dazzling jewels in rubies and diamonds, jade and emeralds.

The Most Popular Jewelry on the Red Carpet
Neil Lane rounds up the top trends from awards season. 

Shoppers Turn to the Web to Buy Their Jewelry
As these splurges move online, it seems a true gem is never out of reach.

Pro Tips for Purchasing Luxury Jewelry
Make sure your gift will be your loved one’s favorite through time and (ever-changing) trends. 

Upgrade Your Wardrobe Staples
These boutiques will help you find your new go-tos, from perfect denim to comfy lingerie and shiny stud earrings.

Collecting Vintage Jewelry with Neil Lane
The sought-after designer on starting his personal collection, owning Mae West’s vault of sparklers and putting his bounty on display at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. 

Modern Pearls
A ladylike string will never go out of style, but edgier versions of your grandmother’s favorite accessory are starting to make their mark. 

Unearthing a New Generation of Gems
A fleet of prestigious jewelry firms join colored stone conglomerate Gemfields at the forefront of sustainable mining.

How to Buy Estate Jewelry
With these vintage gems up for auction, we asked Nazgol Jahan, head of Phillips’ Jewels Department, for her advice. 

The Ultimate in Peacocking
A $100 million dollar diamond brooch puts even the most exceptional plumage to shame.