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Ariana Huffington Celebrates Daughter’s First Foray into Clothing Design

The visual artist dips her toes into fashion with two limited edition pieces

Isabella Huffington’s media mogul mother Ariana may make headlines for a living, but last night the 24-year-old artist made a splash of her own with the launch of her first fashion collaboration. As one of six emerging artists featured in a new capsule collection available through Designow, a platform that supports emerging talents, Huffington designed a dress and scarf inspired by one of her art pieces

A Yale-trained collage artist by trade, Huffington has already made a mark with big-name collaborations, including one with upscale furniture outlet One Kings Lane and mattress makers Coco-Mat, but the dress and scarf ensemble marks her first foray into “wearable art”. 

“I’ve always believed that art should be accessible,” Huffington told us. “These pieces are especially accessible because they’re so versatile. You can wear the scarf so many different ways, like wearing it around your neck or tying it in your hair.” The design itself, a cheerful, abstracted floral pattern printed on white silk, feels reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama and Murakami, both of whom Huffington counts as influences, and who have taken up with fashion brands as part of the wearable art movement.

“I’ve always been fascinated by Asian and Buddhist art. In Buddhism, they create very complex designs called mandalas out of sand and once they’re finished, they scatter them. I love that concept.” 
And while Huffington may not believe in holding on too tightly to material possessions, for a limited time, a piece of the young artist’s work can be yours to keep.