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New Video: Tesla’s Autopilot System in Action

The cutting-edge carmaker trumpets the prowess of its improved semi-autonomous driving software

Tesla’s take on the classic line “Jeeves, bring the car around” sadly does not include a nattily dressed butler in tails. It does, however, boast upgraded software, Tesla Version 7.1, which allows one to summon their car from the garage or have it park itself and shut down upon returning home, all with a tap on your smartphone.

But the new, safer 7.1 version restricts the use of Autopilot to lower speeds and certain road types. And it takes auto-park assist to a whole new level, adding a perpendicular-parking feature. A few other highlights of the upgrade include: enhanced autopilot visualizations, connectivity with an owner’s HomeLink controls (which will automatically open their garage door upon arrival, for example) and vehicle-lock improvements. 

The company asks that users only experiment with Autopilot’s new Summon feature on their own private property—for now. But “eventually, your Tesla will be able to drive anywhere across the country to meet you, charging itself along the way. It will sync with your calendar to know exactly when to arrive.”

In an effort to tout the aptitude and reliability of its latest autonomous driving software, in contrast to the company’s previous versions, Elon Musk’s team released a new demonstrative video this week. It’s worth taking a look.