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The Weekender: Åhus, Sweden

Spend time in this picturesque town located just under two hours outside Copenhagen, Denmark

Sweden is definitely celebrated for its sophisticated capital city of Stockholm and all of the cosmopolitan charm that comes along with it. But, head a little further south, and then even further south, and you’ll find the town of Åhus. If you fly into Copenhagen, Denmark, this dreamy town is located just under two hours from the Copenhagen airport. You will drive over the Øresund Bridge, which is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe and connects Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö. Passing through the picturesque Swedish countryside you’ll immediately feel transported to another world, but upon entering the center of Åhus, you definitely know you’re in a fairytale setting. The cobblestoned roads are met by sandy beachfronts and the charm of the colorfully painted wooden houses is contrasted by the vibrancy of the famous Absolut Vodka distillery that attracts tourists all year long.

From leisurely walks along the beach to bright sips of vodka, a weekend in Åhus is a cultural adventure that boasts time to relax and time to lean in to the excitement. See below for our weekend guide to this Swedish town.

Where to Stay:

While the center of town in Åhus is charming, the beachside boutique hotel called Åhus Seaside offers an authentic stay in this Swedish town. Ahus Seaside overlooks the beach and allows visitors to take walks along the pier and admire the colorful cottages, stroll down to the fitness center, and there is even an outdoor swimming pool for during the warmer months. The daily breakfast is typical for Sweden featuring coffee, tea, meats, cheeses, and breads. Take the quick drive (or 20-minute walk) into town after breakfast and start your sightseeing ready to go! Upon returning from your daily adventures, you will savor the waterfront views from your room or take a blanket out to the sand and enjoy the sunset.

Where to Eat:

While in Åhus, you must visit Åhus Gästgivaregård for a taste of the local flavors. This hotel restaurant works with all of the freshest ingredients from local suppliers to curate seasonal menus. With a focus on seafood, this restaurant is an authentic taste of coastal Sweden.

Åhus, Sweden

Åhus, Sweden

If you’re looking for something more relaxed and casual, visit Rokeriet Mellan Ahus & Yngsjo. The menu here includes seafood, meat and everything in between, as well as lighter fare for children. With an outdoor café, terrace with seating, and playground, this is great place for an afternoon lunch with the family or a larger group.

What to Do:

The town of Åhus offers beaches and outdoor activities to enjoy, which are great during the warmer months of the year. But, for an itinerary that will take you through the colder months as well, we’ve got you covered. We recommend you plan a visit to the Studio Glashyttan Ahus for a few hours of glassblowing and shopping for beautiful and authentic Swedish glass products.

Set aside at least half a day to tour the Absolut Vodka home, where every single drop of Absolut Vodka is distilled and distributed. Visitors are able to learn the entire history of the famous vodka from its creative campaigns to becoming the pioneer in sustainably made spirits. Savor a tasting, see the massive copper stills where the spirit is distilled in, and meet the Absolut family.