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Room Request! The Ranch at Rock Creek

Luxe Western escapism at your service

There’s something about the clean air, old Western spirit, and the vast expanse of Montana’s monochromatic landscape that makes a retreat feel like an actual retreat. Escapism is easy when there’s nothing but land surrounding you for miles, and a nucleus in this case of a cluster of beautifully appointed cabins and guest rooms that together make up The Ranch at Rock Creek. Its historic roots add to the character of this Relais & Chateaux property. “What makes The Ranch at Rock Creek so unique is its connection to the history of the West not only on The Ranch which was homesteaded in 1893, but our town of Philipsburg which also retains its history as a mining and ranching town,” shares Jon Martin, General Manager of the ranch. “Our guests enjoy the escape that our natural environment provides, but you also can’t help but imagine what the experience was like 100 years ago.”

It’s a place that’s transportive in every sense of the word with the interior and exterior surroundings shaped by decades of history and character. Everything one could hope for in a luxury Montana ranch is here–haute homestead cuisine, crackling fireplaces, endless outdoor activities for every season, and a feeling of home at every turn. Here, Martin gives us an inside look at The Ranch at Rock Creek’s most coveted accommodations.

What’s the most requested room at Ranch at Rock Creek?

This is a difficult one because there are honestly two. Our most occupied accommodation is Cattail which is a beautiful two-bedroom home, with amazing master bathrooms connected to both bedrooms featuring clawfoot tubs and ornate chandeliers. However, the most unique and often requested accommodation is Trapper Cabin. Located roughly a mile away from all other accommodations and sitting directly on the creek, it offers a secluded retreat.

Trapper Tent Cabin Porch

Trapper Tent Cabin Porch

What makes that room type so special?

Cattail is special year round but especially in the winter season. Our guests enjoy having a drink and warming up by the fireplace after a long day spent skiing, snowmobiling, or one of our other numerous winter activities. Trapper is also available year round and for stargazers, anglers and anyone enjoying the outdoors, they have it all within feet of their front door.

What is the usual rate for that room type?

Cattail starts at $3,800 per night and Trapper Cabin starts at $2,200 per night.

What makes the property special and unique?

Although most guests are drawn to our property for the experience and activities, we often hear accolades for our culinary program. Chef Josh Drage has been here since 2009 and developed an extensive 100 bottle included wine list that compliments the seasonal cuisine we offer. As a part of a small community, we feel strongly about supporting our local purveyors and Chef Josh has developed strong relationships with our talented neighboring farmers and ranchers to offer the best meats and produce in Montana. We take pride in making the dining experience seamless for our guests so while enjoying a cocktail, wine or local beer prior to dinner, we serve hors d’oeuvres that will liven the palate for the menu that evening. Whether it is the Chef’s Tasting Menu in the dining room, Barbeque on the Buckle Barn lawn after the rodeo or the Chef’s Grill on our Flagstone patio in front of the Granite Lodge, the location and cuisine are a natural complement to each other.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Any celebrity guests or regulars that you can share with us?

Although we take our guests’ privacy seriously, we are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Grammy Award winning artist LeAnn Rimes for our Autumn Harvest weekend each October.

What’s your personal favorite dining/drinking experience on property?

My favorite dining experience is our Thursday night Chef’s Grill during the summer. The seating on the Flagstone patio offers beautiful views of The Ranch and the cuisine made fresh on our outdoor Italian Grill typically features a delicious Wagyu flank steak along with a fish, my favorite being the salmon dish flown in overnight from Seattle. However, it is also a popular meal among vegetarians due to all the salads and vegetable dishes offered. My personal favorite is the compressed watermelon and tomato salad that I have yet to see a guest not return to the grill and ask for seconds of.

Tell us a few fun facts about The Ranch at Rock Creek.

The fact that The Ranch was homesteaded in 1893 and then the current iteration as The Ranch at Rock Creek was the lifelong vision of our owner, Jim Manley, since he was eight years old. I like to think that spirit of both the original ranchers who started working the land here over a century ago and the eight-year-old who grew up watching Westerns, are both alive and well today.