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Room Request! The Frederick Hotel

Abraham Lincoln is said to have stayed at this Tribeca destination back in the day

Somewhere between azure and cobalt describes New York City’s The Frederick Hotel’s signature palette. This bright, cheery, and welcoming color is featured throughout the hotel and complements its chic merchandise effortlessly, which is exactly what one would expect from an urban, trendy Tribeca boutique destination. But what one wouldn’t expect, beyond the Art Nouveau decor contrasting the minimalistic design morsels, is the history beneath. As New York City’s longest continually operated hotel, the former Cosmopolitan Hotel originally opened in 1845 as the Gerard House. The property has seen a lineage of notable guests; Abraham Lincoln is rumored to have slept there in the 1850’s and Vincent Gallo famously crashed there for $22 a week in the early 1980’s when it operated as The Bond Hotel. With a new name, The Frederick Hotel is said to have derived from a mysterious historic rendering of the property, but it never actually operated as The Frederick until now.

Whether you’re looking for an out-of-town trip, staycation, or just a drink at the lobby bar, feeling cool is customary at this property. With an intimate Serafina’s attached to the hotel lobby, there’s no need to even step outside. After dinner, head to Primo’s, the hotel bar located in the back of the lobby. This is where you’ll get all the Wes Anderson feels with a glimmer of 1940’s elevated diner vibes. When you finally head to your room, the pleasant shock of peace and quiet, while cornering the busy Tribeca streets of Chambers, Broadway and Hudson Street, will put you in a state of inner city oasis.

Below, we chat with General Manager, Sava Vasiljevic for exclusive insight into The Frederick Hotel New York City’s chic aesthetic and fascinating history.

What is the most requested room? ​

O​ur Premium King rooms are our most popular rooms.

What makes it so special?​

The rooms offer amazing views of the Empire State Building and the exposed brick hearths add an extra special, comforting touch to the ambiance.

What is the rate?​

The rate is typically between $350 – $550, depending on the season.

Which room is your personal favorite?​

I love room 610. It features 7-foot arched windows and overlooks the Freedom Tower, so it offers quite an incredible view for guests.

Any fun facts about the hotel or rooms?

Yes, there are quite a few unique historical facts about the hotel we love to share with guests. It is one of New York City’s longest running hotels with the building having been built in 1838.  It was formerly a destination for Gold Rush miners as well as New York City’s prominent judges, lawyers and politicians, and was one of the first hotels to feature telephones in guest rooms as well as an Otis Brothers elevator. Also, accordingly to the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, before 125 Chambers was added to the original structure, the existing building was occupied by jeweler Charles L. Tiffany in the 1840’s.  A fun design element guests will discover today is that all rooms and suites feature a custom-made bathroom tile depiction of an antique map of Lower Manhattan from the 1800’s.