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Room Request! Baker’s Cay Resort

Discover barefoot luxuries whether you’re deep diving for sea treasures or sipping one of this Key Largo hotel’s 100 tequilas

The Florida Keys are known for much, i.e. key lime pie or maybe spring breaking in Key West. But, Baker’s Cay Resort, located on Key Largo, one of the Keys’ seven islands, uncovers the adventurous, family-friendly side of the Florida Keys. Located on a former pineapple plantation, this exclusive beachfront destination embodies the barefoot luxury lifestyle. With water sports and offsite adventures ( like diving and snorkeling) giving the opportunity to embrace your sporty side, plus a nature trail leading to two of the resort’s private bayside beaches, Baker’s Cay is a natural upscale escape.

If you’re not as bold of a vacationer, soak in the rays with a panoramic beach view and margarita in hand from Calusa, the indoor/outdoor Caribbean-Creole restaurant. And if you’re seeking expending even less movement, the tiki bar is just steps from the array of lounge chairs for all of your day-time imbibing desires. For a sweet treat, try Calusa’s unique take on a traditional key lime pie, which basically infuses all of the best parts of the dessert into a cheesecake-like dish (homemade graham cracker crust included, because we all know that’s the best part).

Keep reading to hear more about the vibrant environment and sustainable elements of Baker’s Cay Resort from General Manager, Joy Boyd Michelle.

What’s the most requested room?

Any of them with a view of the Florida Bay, such as our Waterfront Rooms or the even more gorgeous Premium Waterfront Suites!

Baker’s Cay Resort

Baker’s Cay Resort

What makes it so special?

You get unprecedented views of our crystalline turquoise waters with the most unbelievable cotton candy sunsets.

What is the starting rate?

Although it varies by season our rates typically start in the mid 400s.

Baker’s Cay Resort

Baker’s Cay Resort

Which room is your personal favorite?

My personal favorite is a little slice of paradise on the first floor of our Hammock Wing. It is nestled into our beautiful, lush Hammock Path and has sliver views of the water along with twisty buttonwoods and magnificent ficus trees.

Any fun facts about the hotel or rooms?

Baker’s Cay has been around since 1985 and continues to be one of the only properties in the Keys with a natural walk-in beach intertwined with a natural lush tropical forest. The most fun part about any hotel is undeniably the staff and we have a lot of amazing souls here, some that have been here since the very beginning.