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Roll Rider founder Jenny Fleiss and her children

Roll Rider Is The Travel Hack Your Family Needs

Entrepreneur Jenny Fleiss has designed and launched a new carry-on scooter suitcase with her three kids to make stressful family travel a breeze

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Anyone who’s had to run through an airport with kids and luggage in tow knows the headache and hassle of traveling with little ones. With her children in mind, entrepreneur and mother-of-three Jenny Fleiss has created Roll Rider, a carry-on scooter suitcase brand that allows children to scoot through the airport hassle-free. The part scooter, part carry-on bag, which fits in the overhead bins of standard airplanes) makes it easy for kids to manage their own stuff on the go and have fun doing it. “While scooter suitcases existed, the ones on the market were either too small, heavy, or had branding that did not feel aligned with where the kids luggage category is going,” says Fleiss. “We worked off of a couple of old models we had purchased several years ago for my kids and found an agency that was familiar with this category and had factories in Asia that we were able to leverage. Along the way my three kids injected a ton of their feedback and insights from years of using other scooter suitcases. We tried to think about stress and hassle related to travel and creative ways to make the experience fun and exciting, the way the start of a family adventure should be.” The recipient of Inc. Magazine’s “30 Under 30,” Fortune Magazine’s “40 Under 40”and Fast Company’s “Most Influential Women in Technology” honors co-founded Rent the Runway and Jetblack (the first portfolio company within Walmart’s technology incubator disrupting traditional e-commerce with a personal shopping service over text message and voice). The Roll Rider comes in two colors (pink and green), is designed for children ages three through ten and has an adjustable handlebar. “For my family, using scooter suitcases has turned a stressful and tiring start to a fun part of the journey,” says Fleiss. “Kids get excited having their own suitcase and the independence to pack some items on their own. Once you are at the airport, the ability to move more quickly and have your kids carry their own items (without the weight of a backpack or cumbersome roller luggage) takes a lot of hassle and stress out of getting to the gate.” Fleiss has received positive feedback from not only her children but fellow parents and family members. “Everyone remarks that they get a ton of comments while in the airport and it makes them feel like super mom,” Fleiss explains. “Parents love the easy fold-up features, the adjustable handlebar and the fact that it can fit in the overhead compartment.” The Roll Rider also boasts light-up wheels, a water bottle holder, iPad pocket and zippered interior pouch. “Our whole mission is to share this travel hack and infuse more travel joy.”