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Inside the Carry-On: Rebecca Louise

The fitness and social media star shared her secret to living the ultimate adventure

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Rebecca Louise initially moved to Southern California to receive her commercial pilot’s license–- a fact she’s proud to call her wild card–- and when she decided to redirect her career to focus on her passions for fitness, travel and beauty the social media influencer experienced a common culture shift between her British roots and new American life. “Some people [were] like turn that down,” Louise explained, “but I can’t just turn my British-ness down, that’s just who I am.”

In the saturated world of blogging and social networking, the ability to stay true to oneself is crucial to breaking through the millions of posts every day. By mixing travel with fitness and beauty, Louise has managed to do exactly that. Every single Monday since March 2015, Louise has continued to post to YouTube for an audience that’s now at the threshold of 200,000 followers. Each video ranges from workout and beauty tutorials tailored to A-list examples, to travel diaries and motivational messages, and each features the blonde and sculpted Louise with recent appearances by boyfriend Cory Freeman and one camera-friendly, British longhaired Chihuahua named Alphie.


Especially since she grew up traveling throughout Europe as a child, each post finds Louise and her small but powerful team in a new destination. “Every time I see a new place I want to see something that’s even more contrasting to the place I’ve just been to,” she explained. By sharing trips like ones she recently made to South Korea and Thailand, Lousie’s main objective is to add an educational component to her content. If her followers can learn how to attain a fit lifestyle through her content, they might also feel compelled to add stamps to their passport. Louise runs “FitCamp” workshops for hundreds of attendees around the world hosted everywhere from Chicago to Prague, and has had fans cross country borders to attend. It’s the impact that she has on her followers in motivating them to “live out your adventure,” the life motto she’s chosen, that keeps her going. “Even today I saw a result picture of a guy who had lost 100 pounds using my videos,” she said. “I’m so humbled by it. It’s not that I think like, this is what I’ve done. He did it himself, I just gave him the resources.” Being fit, as Louise stated, takes discipline, and if one is ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle, why not allow for an adventure or two by visiting a place you’ve never been.

Louise built a bridge between herself and her followers, one that bares intimate details about her life, and that’s still something that takes getting used to. “When someone recognizes me it still startles me,” Louise shared. “It’s still really strange.” Although the fact that her followers know intimate details about things like past relationships or the names of old pets is nothing close to what might hinder Louise from forging ahead in 2017. With an extensive lineup of upcoming FitCamps set in stone Louise and her trusty team are ready for the New Year, new challenges and definitely, a lot more travel.