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A Juicing Guide: From A-Z

With more pressed juice labels popping up every day, one website will help locate the most convenient truly organic squeeze

Let’s face it; buying fresh-pressed juice these days (from small cafes, Fresh Direct and even Starbucks) is akin to purchasing organic in the grocery aisle. It’s something many of us do regularly, even when we aren’t sure exactly what we’re paying for. Portlandia-esque questions – Is the chicken really farm raised? Was this kale actually grown from natural soil? – are now being asked of these cold-pressed, freshly made concotions. How else do you know if what you’re drinking is really pure, unadulterated juice – even when it comes in the coolest-looking, most expensive packages?

Luckily, a new website (the first of its kind, in fact) called The Pressed Organic Juice Directory wants to help the cleanse-crazed masses find exactly what they should be looking for. Founded by Max Goldberg of Living Maxwell, the site boasts nearly 700 listings from five countries where anyone can find fresh, pure pressed juice. Goldberg and his team are also adding new locations, plus industry news and products, daily. The directory won’t include just any juice bar, however: each listing must serve organic juice or have an organic seal from the USDA, make their juice via a Norwalk or other hydraulic juice press, and have at least one green juice on the menu.

Goldberg, who is an activist and trusted member of the organic food blogging community, is on a mission to sift through the growing piles of pressed juice labels and help educate consumers about where to find the real deal, as well as why juicing is so beneficial to one’s health. (And while you can look at the site on your mobile or tablet, Goldberg is working towards launching an iPhone app, as well.) With the juicing market becoming quickly oversaturated, it’s certainly nice to have someone who can clearly separate the apples from the oranges.