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Inside a Celebrity Puppy Party

The Park Hyatt New York was chock-full of puppy love last night

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Stylish guests like Georgina Chapman, Maya Citron, Jenna Renert and top dogs ToastFinn, Adelaide and more joined host Amanda Hearst at the Park Hyatt New York for a puppy play date. There were even homemade treats concocted by executive chef Sebastien Archambault (man’s best friend deserves the best, after all) to raise awareness for a great cause. 

After discovering her own four-legged friend, Finn, was from a puppy mill, Hearst founded Friends of Finn—a committee of The Humane Society that’s dedicated to eliminating the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills—in 2010.

“I grew up with animals, but nothing like this before. Finn has been life-changing,” says Hearst. “I was surprised about how many people didn’t know about puppy mills.”

In four years, the non-profit organization has raised about two million dollars. To support the cause, the Park Hyatt—or, cleverly, Bark Hyatt—is launching the VIP (that’s Very Important Pooch) program, offering top-notch services. Think: Dog collars and identification tags upon arrival; a guide to high-end pet boutiques and pup-friendly pools; pet-friendly neighborhood to-dos; dog beds, food and water bowls on loan; complimentary paw wipes; Nesbits treats and bites from an organic dog menu, and more. Plus, the canine-friendly hotel will donate $100 in honor of each furry guest. As Toast’s owner Katie Sturino put it, “It’s important to keep the day-to-day conversation going and to educate people.”