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Alisha Prakash

Social Media Editor


Alisha Prakash is the Social Media Editor of DuJour magazine. A New York University journalism grad, Alisha has spent her time writing and editing for DailyCandy, Glamour.com, Racked, Departures, Thrillist, People Stylewatch and other print and digital publications. When she’s not serially scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you can find her at yoga, binge-watching documentaries, impulse buying plane tickets or scouring NYC’s streets for new restaurants.

She enjoys work, especially when that involves shooting the breeze with William Shatner and Blondie’s lead guitarist, taste-testing sake and oysters and crashing parties with Victoria Secret models. You can find more of her musings on Instagram at @alishaprakash and on Twitter at @alishasays. Follow for a follow?

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    Garancé Dore’s Guide to Paris

    Where to eat, shop, stay and play in the City of Lights

    To say that French photographer Garancé Dore has an eye for style would be an understatement. A trailblazer in the street style blog movement, Dore has ruled the sidewalks from New York to Paris since she launched her namesake blog back in 2006. And today, after nearly a decade ... More

  • The Careerist: Mustard Sommelier

    What It Takes to be a Mustard Sommelier

    Pierette Huttner gives you a taste of her oddly chic job

    “I had a mother that loved Julia Child,” says Pierette Huttner. “She would cook all the time and have these fabulous dinner parties. Other children got macaroni and cheese and we got scallops.” It’s exactly this kind of upbringing that led Huttner to appreciate and experiment with bold flavors and ... More

  • The Latest Travel Trend: Emotional Support Animals

    The Latest Travel Trend: Emotional Support Animals

    Bringing a dog (or pig, or snake, or miniature pony) on your next flight is easier than you'd ever imagine

    Gone are the days of cringing at a crying baby on board or getting stuck with a middle seat. Today, travelers face a bigger (more terrifying) concern: winding up with a wild animal for a seatmate. Just last month, that scenario became a reality for Delta passengers when a traveler brought ... More

  • 10 Things To Know About Oysters

    10 Things To Know About Oysters

    Three industry experts discuss the best time of year to indulge and why you should ditch the traditional cocktail sauce accouterment

    Raw, fried, baked, smoked, steamed or stuffed, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy oysters. To mark the start of oyster season, DuJour tapped three bivalve experts from around the country—Erin Byers Murray, Nashville-based food writer and author of Shucked: Life on a New England Farm, Chef Ken Wiss of Brooklyn’s  More

  • 10 Things to Know About Sake

    10 Things to Know About Sake

    Master drinking rice-brewed wine in no time

    While navigating an extensive beer and wine list can be a breeze, the ins and outs of sake still remain a mystery. To help you get savvy, DuJour sat down with three sake sommeliers—Cherry Izakaya’s Chris Johnson, Tocqueville’s Roger Dagorn (a.k.a. the “sake samurai”) and The House of Gekkeikan’s Vice ... More

  • The Careerist: Get to Know Diamantaire Nirav Modi

    Get to Know Diamantaire Nirav Modi

    What it takes to become a master in one of the most luxurious jobs on the planet

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  • Snooki’s Flipping Homes—and They’re Actually Quite Chic

    Snooki’s Flipping Homes—and They’re Actually Quite Chic

    The reality TV star is returning to the Jersey Shore, but it's not what you think

    Nicole Polizzi is a lot of things to a lot of different people—partier on the Jersey Shore and Snooki and JWOWW, dance partner on Dancing With the Stars, author of A Shore Thing, mom of two, and wife. Now, the pint-sized small screen persona adds interior decorator to that list. Tomorrow, Polizzi and her ... More

  • Top 10: Finance Movies

    Top 10: Finance Movies

    Our favorite films about making (and losing) money

    American PsychoBefore Christian Bale was a caped crusader in Gotham City, he was the titular character in Mary Harron’s 2000 film American Psycho. Bale played Patrick Bateman, a well-to-do Wall Street investment banker, who also happens to be a serial killer. Greedy and materialistic, Bateman’s homicidal actions are driven by ... More

  • Getting Your Kids into the Country’s Most Competitive Kindergartens

    Getting Your Kids into the Country’s Most Competitive Kindergartens

    Experts share tips on how to maneuver the cutthroat application process at the top pre-schools and kindergartens

    Requesting the Pope, Donald Trump, or Bill Clinton write a recommendation for a 5-year-old, hiring a handsome actor to portray your husband throughout a school admissions period, and sending 1,000 cupcakes to the admissions office. What sounds like the premise for an episode of a primetime sitcom are actual realities ... More

  • Theo Rossi’s Second Act

    Theo Rossi’s Second Act

    The TV heartthrob steps behind the camera with Bad Hurt

    “Without sounding strange, I think I’m one of the most curious people on the planet,” Theo Rossi says. Rossi, who’s perhaps best known for his role as Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz on the FX Series Sons of Anarchy, is referring to his latest project, the film Bad Hurt. “I’m so interested in ... More