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How Does She Do It? A Day in the Life of Miss Piggy

Muppets Most Wanted star lets loose on plastic surgery, her enviable style and that elusive Oscar

Below is a 1980s shot of the original Material Girl, seen here with Foo-Foo. Ahead of her latest starring role this spring, Miss Piggy looks back at her life in the spotlight. Click on the gallery to read more.

This is moi with my precious dog and companion, Foo-Foo. we had just been to see an exhibit of Mondrian paintings and I fell so in love with one, I decided to wear it out of the museum! It definitely looks better on moi than it did on the wall.

Miss Piggy and Foo-Foo

Miss Piggy and Foo-Foo; photo © Disney

Most of the things on the table, like the scrapbook and Louis Vuitton planner, are props. whenever I go anywhere, I travel with a stylist who helps dress the set. looking spontaneous and natural takes a lot of work. the meal is real, though. I don’t avoid bread or other foods, and neither does Foo-Foo. In fact, I’m on the rich food diet: If someone rich is paying, eat the food.

People often ask me: do I wear wigs? To which I say: I wear anything that adds to the je ne sais quoi that is moi. If my own hair is not up to the job, then we bring in a wig. I have no compunctions about that…or about wearing false eyelashes…or having work done. whatever it takes. Beauty is all about personal sacrifice, and nobody sacrifices more for my fans than moi. Besides, I believe that when I look in the mirror, I should be surprised. new hair?! new eyelashes? new makeup! new moi! I also love hats, though not because I worry about getting burnt. There are usually so many paparazzi around that the sun doesn’t stand a chance of getting through.



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