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Versace, Balmain, and Barbie Celebrate Claudia Schiffer’s 50th Birthday

The one-of-a-kind Barbie doll has two outfits inspired by the supermodel’s most iconic fashion moments

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has walked in nearly every luxury fashion runway show you can think of, has been on countless magazine covers, and just turned 50 this August. The iconic fashion model teamed up with Barbie in 2017 for the first time to create a Claudia doll who, in true supermodel fashion, came dressed in a golden Versace dress. For Schiffer’s 50th year, the icons reunited to create an even more fashionable doll. “You’re never too old to enjoy playing with Barbie, especially if you have fantastic outfits to dress her in. So, I’m incredibly honored that Barbie have again, for my 50th year, revisited my childhood and created a Barbie that not only looks like me but is wearing some of my favorite looks by Versace and Balmain,” Schiffer says.

The @BarbieStyle channel unveiled two stylish outfits inspired by Schiffer’s past looks from fashion designers Versace and Balmain. There is a billowy blue dress recreated from a dress Schiffer wore for Versace’s Fall/Winter 1994 show and a dramatic long sleeve macrame top and skirt inspired by what Schiffer wore for the Balmain Spring/Summer 16 campaign.

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer’s Barbie in a Versace-inspired dress

“When Claudia first stepped into the runaway, with her blonde, long hair and the angelic face, the whole world immediately saw her as the personification of Barbie. Two strong women who do not need to be empowered by anyone, because they have always been the makers of their destiny. I am so proud that to celebrate Claudia’s 50th year, the blue gown from the 1994 show was chosen as her outfit. Feminine and glamour, it really epitomizes the style of both of them,” Donatella Versace says of Schiffer and Barbie.

The recreated Balmain outfit for Barbie is not only powerful and bold, but one of Olivier Rousteing’s proudest moments. “Over the decades, Schiffer has inspired millions with her distinctive mix of confidence, style and beauty. Seeing her in one of my favorite runway looks was one of my proudest moments—and the Balmain campaign that she shot for me will forever remain one of my favorite memories. So, obviously, I am beyond thrilled to see that same look replicated on another inspiring fashion icon, Barbie,” the Balmain designer says.

While the new Barbie is stunning and oh-so-covetable, the dolls were created for editorial use only to celebrate Schiffer.

Main photo credit: Lucie McCullin