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Gadget DuJour : For a Summer Detox

Wash away your weekend sins with our pick for an incredibly sleek slow juicer

Between weekend getaways and outdoor cocktail parties, overindulgence in the summer is a given. One way to minimize the damage (assuming a total juice cleanse detox isn’t your thing): Hurom’s Premium Slow Juicer and Smoothie Maker.

The easy-to-use machine has a number of impressive features, like a lever that lets you modify the amount of pulp in your juice and the fact that it’s “self-cleaning”—just run water through the juicer in between uses, and the machine takes care of the rest. It works by slowly crushing, then cold-pressing the fruits and vegetables, which yields a more nutrient-rich product than machines that operate at higher speeds. It’s also incredibly sleek and compact. We recommend you pick one up ($430, williams-sonoma.com), then follow this recipe immediately. You’ll forget about your sinful weekend in no time.