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The Fat Radish

The owners of this highly praised, veg-focused east side eatery on their new season-centric cookbook

The Fat Radish co-owners Ben Towill and Phil Winser (who are both self-taught cooks) have created a cookbook, The Fat Radish Kitchen Diaries, comprised of one hundred fan-favorite recipes from their uncomplicated, slightly British and constantly evolving menu. Among the list of good eats are recipes for carrot and avocado salad with hijiki and crispy kale, Scotch eggs, peach ceviche with raw fluke and the signature Fat Radish vegetable plate. Organized by season, each section concludes with a “roast,” or a multicourse spread meant for entertaining large groups. 

Phil Winser and Ben Towill

Phil Winser and Ben Towill

Below, DuJour asked the owners-turned-authors about their inspiration for crowd-pleasing dishes and their recommendations for other self-taught cooks. 

Where do you find inspiration to constantly develop new recipes?

Phil: Travel is a great source of inspiration. Also, the anticipation of new seasons brings creativity because you’re desperate to cook with new ingredients. 

What sets The Fat Radish Kitchen Diaries apart from other cookbooks?

Ben: It’s for people who want to cook with the seasons and not be intimidated. There are great stories behind the recipes, which highlight how much fun cooking should be.

Which recipe from the collection are you most excited about and why?

Ben: The pea potpie because it’s one of my favorite things to eat. Everyone always asks how to make it, and now I can say, ‘check out the cookbook.’

What’s your number one piece of advice for self-taught cooks that want to improve their skills in the kitchen?

Ben: Keep it as simple as possible and have one really good knife—and an apron that makes people laugh in case you burn a few things. It happens to the best of us.

What would your dream meal be?

Ben: Grilled sardines or endless pesto pasta and profiteroles to the ceiling, all served overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Guethary in the South West of France. 

Phil: At the moment, I am very excited about the Fall Chicken Sunday “roast,” like in the cookbook.

The Fat Radish Kitchen Diaries, $39.95, amazon.com