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Bose serves up bold sound in a tiny package

When it comes to choosing a portable speaker, you typically have two not-so-great options: A small, light-weight unit with lackluster audio quality, or a unit that offers solid sound in a hefty package. We’re happy to announce that the conundrum has officially been resolved, thanks to the acoustic geniuses at Bose.

The company’s new SoundLink Mini is tiny—literally, the size of your palm—but also manages to offer the top-notch quality sound that Bose is known for. The unit can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth, but also has an auxiliary input for devices that aren’t Bluetooth-capable. Its battery lasts a whopping seven hours. And the best part? At 1.5 pounds, it’s light enough to toss into a beach bag or purse without weighing you down. The SoundLink Mini is available at Bose.com for $200.