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Peter Cincotti

Peter Cincotti Is A “Killer On The Keys”

Pianist and singer Peter Cincotti releases his latest album, “Killer on the Keys” twenty years after his debut album

New York-based pianist, singer-songwriter Peter Cincotti is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut album by releasing an album that honors his biggest influences on the piano. From Scott Joplin to Lady Gaga, Killer On The Keys, connects generations of pianists with daring arrangements and a style all his own. Whether he is blending the stylings of Errol Garner with Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby with John Lennon, or Bill Evans with Coldplay, this record features daring arrangements that become a kind of crazy glue between generations of pianists, revealing the hidden harmonies inside songs we thought we knew.

For the last two decades, Peter Cincotti’s albums have been produced by music icons such as Phil Ramone and 16-time Grammy winner David Foster. “Since my debut album 20 years ago, I’ve followed a winding musical road that curved around genres, from jazz to pop to rock and more,” says Cincotti.  “That road was sharp and flat, black and white and held together by one thing: the piano. Killer On the Keys celebrates the power of the piano, the greats who have played it and the unexpected stories it has inspired me to tell.” Peter has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues, from Carnegie Hall to L’Olympia in Paris, collaborated with artists ranging from Andrea Bocelli to David Guetta, shared the stage with legends such as Ray Charles, has been featured in films and television series such as Spiderman 2 and House Of Cards. Cincotti has morphed genres and blended influences in a variety of ways, creating an upbeat blend of musical styles that brings active, rhythmic piano playing back into the landscape of modern music.