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Demystifying The White Claw Phenomena

BON & VIV put 50 people to the (lie detector) test to see who actually chooses White Claw over BON & VIV…

All summer long there has been a buzz around White Claw Hard Seltzer. My Instagram feed was infiltrated by the hard seltzer almost as soon as the temperature rose above 60 degrees. While the calorie count is attractive, and the packaging is sleek, is White Claw really the preferred spiked seltzer brand for consumers? Well, I am not the only person wondering. BON & VIV put White Claw on blast with an actual case study involving 50 random people, a can of BON & VIV, a can of White Claw, and a lie detector test. In what BON & VIV is calling “the ultimate seltzer showdown,” 50 people were asked to blindly taste BON & VIV Classic next to White Claw Pure. There was $1,000 on the line for any person who honestly (polygraph proven) preferred White Claw over BON & VIV. The results are in: just four people left the case study with $1,000.

The polygraph test was conducted by Hollywood’s polygraph pro, John Grogan. Out of the 50 people involved in the seltzer showdown, only four were able to show that they honestly preferred White Claw Pure. Watch the video below for an inside look at the taste test.

Following this experience, national sports analyst Adam Schefter announced that BON & VIV has been confirmed to be the first-ever official hard seltzer sponsor of the NFL.

So, while you can drink any of the many spiked seltzer brands on the market (Truly Hard Seltzer, Crook and Marker, Nauti Seltzer Hard Seltzer) but so far, it looks like only one has been proven by a polygraph test to be preferred over the poster child for spirited seltzer, White Claw.

BON & VIV Classic has 0 grams of sugar, 90 calories, and is 4.5% ABV. It is now available nationally and sold in 12 oz. and 16 oz. cans and on draft, making it one of the first hard seltzers to be offered on tap.