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Supercharge Your Smartphone

Find out what apps and add-ons you need to maximize your productivity

From booking a private flight to finding a public restroom, there’s nothing your smartphone can’t do with the help of a few apps. Below, we’ve compiled a list of essential apps and add-ons for the stay-at-home mom, the concertgoer, the business exec and everyone in between.

Six Apps To Help You Succeed At Work
Leadership expert Claudia Chan breaks down the top self-care apps that translate into a job well done.

Ten Apps Every Mom Should Download
From paying bills to planning ahead to peeing (really), these techy secret weapons will make every day as glorious as Mother’s Day. 

A Great App For Avid Golfers
Headed to the green? Download Foursum first.

How To Do (Almost) Everything Faster
Nine digital gems that guarantee the swiftest ways to get over jet lag, restock the fridge and more.

Make Your Smartphone Smarter
From funky camera lenses to a chic charging case, here are 10 high-tech attachments you never knew you needed—until now. 

Plan The Perfect Mothers Day
Tech guru (and full-time mother of two) Randi Zuckerberg shares apps that send cards, mail gifts, book reservations and make family plans with the click of a button.

Dinner Time
A new app lets you book prime meal reservations—for a price.

A Smarter Sound
StubHub Music is changing the way you interact with bands one download at a time.

The Fanciest Purchases You Can Make on an App
You’re just one tap away from these luxurious on-the-go transactions.

Flying High with Wheels Up
A new mobile app makes air travel even easier.

The New Food-Focused App Celebrities Love
Wine ‘n Dine lets users share photos of their favorite meals—and A-listers like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid can’t get enough