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A Solid Gold Credit Card

The Aurae MasterCard is part of an exclusive, invite-only lifestyle program

What could be more luxurious than swiping a solid gold credit card adorned with diamonds? Those lucky enough to be invited to join the Aurae Lifestyle Membership program receive a fully functional, bespoke 14-karat credit card engraved with their name, signature and a design. To create the cards, Aurae partnered with fine jewelers Jacob & Co. and Misahara.

Three tiers of membership—Executive, Private and Elite—offer different levels of access to services, like a concierge, private butler and access to exclusive events (think: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the Grammy Awards, the Country Music Awards, Formula One races, movie premieres and more).

Customized Aurae MasterCards


Executive Lifestyle members receive a card with the Aurae logo, while Private and Elite Lifestyle members can choose from a number of highly customizable designs to be engraved on their bejeweled cards. Elite Lifestyle members can even opt to upgrade to an 18-karat gold card. The cost of membership starts at $50,000 with annual dues of $5,000 per year.

To request an invitation to the exclusive world of Aurae, visit auraelifestyle.com.