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Deutch shares her plans to celebrate mom (and new podcast co-star) Lea Thompson on Mother’s Day with American Express

“People think my mom is a goody two shoes because she’s so sweet and mid-western but I got my terrible habit of cursing from someone and it happened to be her,” actress Zoey Deutch says of her mom Lea Thompson. The Zombieland: Double Tap, Set It Up, and The Politician actress is very grateful to be able to spend Mother’s Day in Los Angeles with her mom this year but says that she tries to show her appreciation for Thompson beyond the holiday. “She’s my role model. She’s inspired me in so many ways more than just the obvious thing of following in her footsteps as an actress. She’s a really, really remarkable woman,” Deutch says. “She just goes about her day and I don’t think she realizes the gravity of the show not tell attitude. She’s such a kind person and it has been amazing to witness that as a child, a teenager, and now as an adult, rather than her just preaching be kind.”

Deutch grew up in Los Angeles with her famous parents actress Lea Thompson and director Howard Deutch, and her older sister, actress Madelyn Deutch. Even with so much star power in one household, Deutch says she remembers always sitting down at the table together for dinner. The television was turned off, phones were put away, and everyone enjoyed a meal and good company. “Our family dinners helped give me a better relationship with food because it made me love food and appreciate food and how it got to the table,” Deutch says. “The greatest thing in the world is having a great meal and having a great conversation with people.”

Zoey Deutch and mom Lea Thompson (courtesy of Zoey Deutch)

Zoey Deutch and mom Lea Thompson (courtesy of Zoey Deutch)

Deutch recently teamed up with American Express Gold Card and Uber Eats and thanks to the card’s four times the rewards on groceries, her love of food has only grown stronger. “I relied on Uber Eats and my American Express Gold Card when I was in London because it was totally shut down so I couldn’t go to any coffee shops or any grocery stores. I was ordering all my groceries, all my coffee, everything, and getting like four times the points,” Deutch says of her time filming the upcoming film, The Outfit, in London during the pandemic. With the American Express Gold Card, members can receive up to $120 annually in Uber Cash, four times the rewards points at restaurants (takeout and delivery) and supermarkets, and three times the rewards points on airfare.

So where is Zoey Deutch excited to order from in Los Angeles? “The original Sushi Katsu-Ya Studio City is next to a pet store called Rusty’s Discount Pet Center. It is literally in a tiny Valley strip mall and it is the best sushi place in Los Angeles,” she says. “People might argue and say that Sushi Park or Matsuhisa but my OG is Katsuya in Studio City and I’ve missed it so much.”

To celebrate Lea Thompson this Mother’s Day, Deutch says that she and her sister will cook and enjoy a big family dinner. “Our family is kind of boring in the sense that we don’t have game night or run marathons. We cook and eat and we laugh and we fight a little and then we laugh a little.”

A Total Switch Show

A Total Switch Show

While marathons and game night might be off the table for this family, creating and starring in podcasts together is not. Deutch and Lea Thompson will star in a scripted Audible podcast that was co-written by Madelyn Deutch called A Total Switch Show that airs on May 6. “It’s a body swap comedy and is very raunchy. It was really fun to do a mother-daughter story starring a real life mom and daughter,” Deutch says. “I basically did all this work just so I could get my mom to scream profanities at them and record them.”

A Total Switch Show also features Bradley Whitford, Bobby Moynihan, and Giancarlo Esposito and is available exclusively on Audible on May 6.