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24k Gold Nitrogen Ice Cream Exists

See how the kitchen at Chef Suvir Saran’s Tapestry has really outdone itself…

If you’ve ever wanted to have your gold and it eat too, now’s your chance. Tapestry, the recently opened restaurant in New York’s West Village by Michelin-starred chef and Top Chef Masters contestant Chef Suvir Saran, is serving up the Ferni Nitrogen Ice Cream: a delectable dessert that’s made using liquid nitrogen and 24 karats of pure gold shavings.

“Compare the gold to those Chinese candies that are wrapped in rice paper that just melts in your mouth; it’s kind of like that unexpected funkiness where it sticks to your tongue but just starts melting away,” Chef de Cuisine Joel Corona explained. “That’s what it is. For a minute your mouth is shiny and you’re disturbing all the customers around you, and then you can enjoy the rest of the ice cream.” The edible gold flakes are mixed into the ice cream’s batter and are also used as a garnish on top of the finished product, which is served in one of Chef Joel’s homemade mini peppercorn cones.

Chef Joel Corona

A fellow West Coast friend initially introduced Chef Joel to liquid nitrogen, and after researching its uses in the kitchen he created the iced treat and based its core recipe on Tapestry’s existing version of the traditional Indian rice dessert, phirni. Following suit to Chef Suvir’s elegant style, the dessert plays homage to the idea that we first eat with our eyes. And at negative 350 degrees during inception, this might very well be the coldest hot commodity on the Tapestry menu. Below, see what goes into what is sure to be the fluffiest ice cream you’ve ever tasted, according to Chef Joel. You should, after all, take chef’s word for it – he’s a self-proclaimed ice cream fiend.

Ferni Nitrogen Ice Cream
2 cups rice
4 cups water
400g heavy cream
10g cardamom
2 cups sugar
Mini ice cream cones
24k edible gold flakes

Soak rice in water overnight. When rice is fully soaked, blend all ingredients together and pass through a mesh strainer. Cook over medium-low heat for about 20 minutes until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. After the mixture has cooled, place in a Kitchen Aid mixer; turn on medium speed and slowly add liquid nitrogen until it becomes semi firm ice cream. Place in freezer until ready to serve. Scoop ice cream into mini cones and top with 24k edible gold flakes.

Images: Courtesy of Tapestry